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What We Do

Darwin Toilet Hire offers portable toilets and showers for hire for clients in Darwin, Palmerston, Humpty Doo, Howard Springs and the surrounding rural areas. We also offer liquid waste removal systems and pumping and cleaning solutions.
Red Portable Toilet — Portable toilet for hire in Roseberry, NT

Portable Toilet Hire

Darwin Toilet Hire offers high-quality PolyJohn portable toilets for construction locations, wedding venues and more. We offer free and fast delivery to Darwin and the majority of surrounding cities. We can meet the needs of clients both large and small, tailoring each hire service for the client.
Portable Shower — Portable toilet for hire in Roseberry, NT

Portable Shower Hire

Our portable shower hire service is available for any location that requires easily accessible showers, such as construction sites, music festivals and sports facilities. To find out more about our portable showers, get in touch with us today.
Blue Hose — Portable toilet for hire in Roseberry, NT

Liquid Waste Services

We offer liquid waste removal services to help industrial and commercial locations contain and clean up liquid waste that is potentially hazardous. We work closely with the client to help with containment, ensuring liquid waste never becomes a significant issue.
Man working on sewage — Portable toilet for hire in Roseberry, NT

Pumping & Cleaning

We offer a pumping and cleaning service for septic tanks and other waste management systems to prevent backup or potentially hazardous situations. We work with clients of all sizes in the surrounding Darwin area, including residential, commercial and industrial locations.


Do I need set up an account to hire through you?
No account is needed to hire us, unlike some major hire companies.
How often is pumping and cleaning necessary?
Do you need a permit for a portable toilet?